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ISO Rating For Vernon Fire District

​For a copy of the full report please fill out a records request you will find this form under public documents.

To All Vernon Fire District Residents,

After several months of working with the people at the Insurance Services Organization Company, I am glad to inform everyone that the Vernon Fire District has received an ISO rating of 6-7-10 starting 12-1-2016.

What is an ISO rating and what does it mean to me?
A quick explanation of ISO rating. Some insurance companies use an ISO rating to determine rates for home owner’s insurance. The lower the number the lower the rate.  Our rating is broken down this way.
6 – If your home is located within 1000 feet of an approved fire hydrant your ISO rating for that property is a 6. The Cedar Grove Water Company fire hydrant located on ACR 3148 and the US 60 is approved and the fire hydrants in the Vernon Domestic Water System in downtown Vernon are approved.
7 – If you have a home located within 5 miles of VFD fire station your ISO rating for that property is a 7. The fire stations relevant to the VFD ISO rating are:

VFD fire station #25 - 1588 ACR 3140

VFD fire station #26 - 2 ACR 3113.

10 – If you have a home located further than 5 miles of a VFD fire station your ISO rating for that property is a 10.
Not all insurance companies use this system, some companies just use proximity of your home to fire stations or fire hydrants to determine rates, but if they do and your rates were determined using a higher rate from the past, you might benefit from asking your insurance company if your rate is affected. There are no guaranties but it may not hurt to ask.
There have been things printed concerning the VFD ISO rating in the past, and probably will be in the future so please contact the Vernon Fire District Office at 928-537 4895 or visit our web site for any information or questions about your ISO rating.

 Unfortunately, given the many statements of late and the misrepresentation of a web site bearing our name, I am forced to print a disclaimer.

 Disclaimer: The only official web site of the Vernon Fire District,  despite the continued misrepresentation . Any website and/or written information bearing the name Vernon Fire are not sponsored by the Vernon Fire District in any way. The information contained therein is not approved and/or produced by the Vernon Fire District or myself. Please do not accept this information as truth, unless you yourself have confirmed the information with the fire district office or me personally.

Thank You,
Dave J. Niehuis
Fire Chief
Vernon Fire District
PO Box 400
Vernon AZ 85940