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ST AGE II: Fire Restrictions
The following acts are prohibited  until further notice:
I   Building maintaining,  attending, or using a fire, campfire, charcoal, coal, or wood stove  including fires  in  developed          campgrounds or improved  sites.
2. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building.
3.  Mechanical and Industrial  Prohibitions
     a. Operating any internal  combustion engine other than exemption 7 below.

     b.  Welding, or operating    acetylene or other torch with open flame.
     c. Using an explosive.
4. Operating motorized vehicles off designated  roads and trails.
5. Use of any and all fireworks.
6. Use of Tracer bullets and/or explosive targets.

An exemption does not absolve an individual or organization from liability or responsibility for anv fire started  by the exempted activity.
I.  Persons  with  a written  permit that  specifically authorizes the  otherwise  prohibited act.
2. Emergency  repair of public  utilities  and  railroads and  mitigation  measures are implemented  as outlined in
an agency plan.
3. Persons  conducting activities  in  those  designated areas where the  activity  is specifically  authorized  by
written  posted notice.
4.  After coordination  with  the  Emergency Management Director/Manager,  any Federal,  State,  or local  officer, or member of an organized rescue or firefighting  force  in  the  performance  of an official  duty.
5.  All  land  within  a town  boundary is  exempted unless otherwise stated  in city  ordinance.

6. Other exemptions unique to each town/tribe.


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May 15th, Midnight  starting  Stage 3 Fire Restrictions


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