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Public Records Request

Information and Instruction Sheet


1. Complete a written request form, in person or by mail. (electronic, telephonic or fax requests are not accepted except fro Government Agencies)

  • Obtain / Submit the form with payment to the Vernon Fire District Administration office or mail to: 

             Vernon Fire District PO Box 400, Vernon, Az. 85940

  • Payment must accompany this request or it will be returned.
  • Records requests will be accepted from walk-ins but may not be available at the time.
  • Records requests may be picked up after processed. The requesting party will be notified when the records requested are ready.
  • Most requests will be ready for pick up five - ten business days from request.


Records requests will be $.50 per page and quote will be given before copying records.

Must be paid before you receive records. 

All requests are subject to Arizona State Statutes and HIPPA laws.


Inspection of public records will be by appointment only. The inspection will be conducted only during office hours.

Only copies paid for in advance will leave the Vernon Fire District Office.

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