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​​Contract Services Program (Subscription)

Whereas most Fire Departments are Municipal or City Fire Departments, and receive their operating income from sales tax or through their city budget, Fire Districts are established as a Special District with funding received through property Taxes. These taxes are collected from the properties within the Fire District Taxing District boundaries.
Historically, the public expectation of fire departments and/or districts is that they respond to all emergencies without regard for boundaries or borders, today more than ever, as people from large metropolitan areas continue to move here. The Vernon Fire District (VFD) has, since their inception, responded to help our neighbors and at first there were a very few, but the calls have now grown to be almost 1/3 of the call volume. This now presents a funding issue for VFD.
To further complicate the matter, the VFD over the last seven years has seen a 43% reduction in funding due to the drop in property value within the taxing district. So coupled with the large increase in “Out of District Calls” and the loss of property value, the VFD must recover costs for services provided outside of their taxing district or stop providing services.
The VFD is offering a Contracted Services Program (Subscription) for all properties in the areas around the district. The Contracted Services Program will be billed annually and will begin July 1 2017. The conditions are as follows:
Subscribers to the Contracted Services program will receive all services provided to VFD residents. All fees for the Contracted Services will be calculated at the VFD Mil rate established for the contract year. There will be a minimum fee for Contracted Services of $100.00, should the calculated fee be less. Persons owning multiple parcels will pay the Mil rate or minimum for the highest valued parcel, and the mill rate or the minimum for all additional properties owned whichever is the lesser amount. A service charge of $50.00 will be assessed for Contracted Services paid after August 1 each year.
Payment plans will be available for participants in the program.
All property not part of the Contracted Services program (Subscription) will be billed for services provided as per board policy starting July 1, 2017. 

To answer any of your questions please call 928-537-4895, email or stop by the Vernon Fire Station at #13 CR 3142, Vernon, Az. 85940.